Hello there,


I'm posting to see if anyone knows of a fix for a connectivity issue I'm having, that began the same day my ISP (Snap / 2degrees) switched my account to CG-NAT.


Since that happened, whenever I boot up my PC and try to connect to my website's backend / folders via Windows Explorer, first time round I get a Network / failed connection error. However, if I then reboot the PC, the second time round the connection is established just fine.


I've tried a number of things to see if I can get a connection on the first boot, such as first running a batch file with permutations of:


ipconfig /release, ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /renew


but they don't have any effect, and seeing as I know diddly-squit about Networking / comms, I've run out of ideas.


I'm running Windows 8.1, and I thought maybe I'd need a Windows Update to fix this, but I don't apply updates at all, as I have a lot of Windows XP software, and the first thing Windows Update does is disable backwards compatibility (it's automatic, it doesn't ask permission). So of neccessity, Windows Update is disabled so I can continue to run XP-based software.


Does anybody know of a fix that would save me having to start my PC twice in order to connect to my webhost via Windows Explorer ...? The command used in the Desktop shortcut is: