Comradehunt: After waiting all day I got my reply (on TM), it was the standard line so they totally ignored my question. Plus got my name wrong too!

" Daniel, we didn't get this one quite right (sorry). So here's, the deal. We have only released about 10% of our number range for 'pick your number' so that's about 1 million numbers. We will release more over time and we will let our existing customers know first. So here's our suggestion, if you can't find the number you want, why not port your existing number (and we'll give you $5 for the pleasure) and we'll let you know when the next set of numbers become available... Cheers, 2degrees"

I am quite tempted to port my VF number over for the $5 and would like to know when other number ranges become available. On the site it says you can port any number over does that also include my 6 digit VF number or do I have to somehow change it to a 7 digit number if I did go down that path? I hope they do let us, their customers know first when other numbers ranges become available.