Does anyone have a HTC Magic (Vodafone NZ version) which is able to receive pxts on 2degrees at the moment?

I set mine up using the settings found here on geekzone when I switched to 2degrees last year. 2degrees didn't have specific instructions on their site for this handset. I was sending & receiving pxts fine but recently they stopped auto downloading and now all I get is notification that I have received a pxt and a button to download, but I can't get them to download. it seems to send a little data, receive a little then just stop.

I have reapplied the settings many times and raised a ticket with 2degrees (who I have to say have been very helpful over the phone) but nothing has worked yet!  2degrees is stumped and said they will get back to me.

I was really hoping someone might be able to provide me with their exact settings for both data and mms from a HTC magic that is working on 2degrees.

My data/internet is working fine but want to make sure that this APN isn't interfering with the MMS one.