Thanks to the Snap tech support and the TUC author, Andrew Connell, TUC now supports Snap.

TUC is a small binary executable that checks your traffic usage. Works with many ISPs: Paradise, InSPire, Xtra, Airnet, TelstraClear, WorldNet, ihug/vodafone, Quicksilver, ACSOnline, Orcon, Maxnet, BorderNET, Slingshot,  and now Snap.

TUC runs on windows and sits in the notification area of the taskbar.

This notification icon gives you the percentage of your data cap that you have used. Clicking on the % icon brings up a dialog that shows:

  • How long you have until you exceed your limit at the current usage.

  • How much data you will haved by the end of the month if you continue your current usage.

  • How much you can use per day for the rest of the billing period so as not to exceed your cap.

  • Optionally, a log file tracking usage.

The website for TUC,including support forums, is found at

I am a long time user of TUC, and am glad I can continue using it with Snap.