Hey there,

Quick question for you. Does anyone else have issues with their Blackberry on 2degrees?
My issue is that when I go out of reception, my phone doesn't automatically search for reception. I have to go into the menu and go to 'manage connections' then switch off 'Mobile Network' and then switch it back on. Then my phone will search for reception again.

The reason I'm always in and out of reception is the fact I work in a building and when I go into the lift it loses reception (which is normal) but on Vodafone it would search and pick up the Vodafone network straight away, I didn't have to go into the menu and turn off the mobile network.

I also have really bad reception at home (Albany, North Shore). So I seem to have this issue a lot.

Can anyone else tell me if they experience this? Could just be me! :(

Thanks in advance,