jeffnz: any further updates on this, just curious

I received a PM on the 5th that said 2Degrees would be in touch in the next couple of days, so I'm waiting on that.

quickymart: I'm curious as to why the person from the 2degrees shop would have been contacting you? I mean, what purpose were they trying to fulfill?

He thought he'd seen me walk into the store and then out again the day after I bought the sim card (which didn't happen, it was someone else, but I get that kind of thing a lot - "You look so much like [my friend/sister/cousin]!"). So maybe he convinced himself that I went back to the store to hit on him and he was trying to save me the trouble?? I don't know. I wasn't very friendly the one and only time he met me.

qzt: It is my impression young people who are used to making unsolicited chat contacts on facebook, twitter, smsfun, etc (where it is almost a norm for younger people) then transfer this behavior to ye olde regular world.

A similar example might be looking up and friending (or attempting to friend) a customer on facebook.

Yeah I feel like there clearly needs to be a stronger emphasis on customer privacy in training when that kind of behaviour is being taken into the workplace.

I probably wouldn't have complained about a facebook friend request, as ignoring a friend request is simple - and I doubt I would have realized who the guy was. Whereas in this case I had to change my number.