Hi All

I am looking for suggestions as to how, most easily, to backup a wide range of data to portable USB drives for off-site storage.

I have a server which images several virtual servers using Veeam. I also have backup exec which is backing up around 6 workstations. I also have some misc files from a Unix server and some Shadow Protect workstation images.

I would like to script a DAILY backup of only the most recent files ( 1 for each server and workstation + the UNIX files and Shadow Protect images). Roughly around 250-350GB total.

All files are currently backed up to a local raid array on the server. There is a weekly/monthly backup to a Synology box mapped as an iSCSI drive.

I am going to put a USB 3.0 card in to the backup server and purchase a few USB 3.0 drives for offsite storage.

Suggestions ?

Dan "Tarquin" Allen