Hay all,

So when Wheedle first launched (and failed) I decided to build, from scratch, an online marketplace software that would rival theirs (albeit more stable) in a week.

The result was a somewhat secure script that I chucked on adlist.co.nz, following which life took over and I left it be.

Anyway, ive had a little more downtime as of late (searching for a job... In this economy, with 0 credentials), and have decided to buffer my portfolio a bit by finishing up (or rewriting) some of my old scripts.

Basically, I have been working on alot of the new front end for the v1 release of adlist (dont worry, its going to be either cheep, free, or open source.. I know how hard it is to compete with trademe/sella/wheedle etc, its more of a personal project at the moment anyway), and I need some opinions on a few of the processes that exist.

The most notable thing I need opinions on is the listing process,

If you could be so kind as to jump on http://v1.adlist.co.nz login with your own user/pass or use test/test and just run through the listing process (navigate to http://v1.adlist.co.nz/list once logged in), and let me know what you think.

I have run all of the programs I could find to test the security of the script, so its taken a little longer than I had anticipated to build it. On top of that I want it to come with a public API (you can check that out with firebug or chrome console, all the processes run in JavaScript call to the public API which I will eventually document), so feel free to play with that if you feel up to cracking my current code, or any of the v1 script for that matter.

Thanks heaps in advance!

PM me if you have something you want me to do for you in exchange or something.