I have used payment express. They are good. Easy to integrate with as well.


Yes Xero is by far the best accounting solution.


As for CRM that would depend on what you need to record/manage about your clients. Look at the xero addons and see what crm's are suited to your business model. 



-1 on Xero.


Ive written and worked with a number of accounting packages. The best so far is Accredo mercury - it rocked but wth a 6k plus price tag .... not in my leagure.


Also used Linux Canadas product qasar. Their prices have gone up but a great myob alternative.




Xero - we started using it 2-3 months ago - and we are leaving.


1 - clicking help in contacts gives us help for an older version - telling me they are mixing versions of software on a cloud platform. That's spooky.


2 - payroll - staff dont appear in contacts, contacts dont appear in staff = data redundency putting it in in several places.


3 - The 'matching' functionality in reconciliation sucks - it seems to match on amount - not the name of the person in the description.


4 - Payroll - cant back out mistakes, alter payrates until a payroll is completed (with wrong details). Ace payroll kills it dead.


5 - slow. On 200 / 200 fibre we are still waiting lng times for screens to refresh.


6 - impossible to do decent data entry.


7 - inventory - still at baby stage


Lastly - trying to get a time keeping app - that allows staff to track time. There is ONE we found toolm8 or smarterm8 or similar. It was the olny one that did round trip invoicing and contacts - ie synchronised with xero instead of having to enter data in both places. most were one way with manual management. Unfortuantely it is ios only. we aren't.


Pay roll was the last straw but the slowness of entry, the fact you enter stuff and dont go back to the previous screen but back to main screen then have to reclick back to entry screens etc - along with poor inventory and time / project tracking = fail for us.


Freshbooks - doesnt do inventory - and doesnt pretend to. it can do some aspects of it and that's okay. Timetracking = awesome. its faster than xero. its more user friendly than xero.


when clients click on an invoice link they can see all their invoices, statements, update their details etc, we can track who has seen what invoice - right down to if the invoice was seen my person a or person b.