9 times out of 10 the [prefix][type][location][role][number] (where number is either a 2 or 3 digit number eg 01 for servers, 001 for PCs) naming convention is superior due to the following reasons


- Easily remembered when your servers follow a logical naming convention. 


- Easily identifiable when you have an issue eg [ABC][SRV][WG][DC][02] is offline you immediately know its a DC, you know the server is based in your Wellington. If its ABCSRVAKESX02 you know its one of your ESX servers in Auckland offline.


- It makes sense for new staff members because they just need to remember the last part of a server name DC01 or DC02. The rest of the prefixes can be learnt quickly and easily


- If you have any dealings with an EDRMS system you will know that its not "2 seconds" to find out what server you are dealing with from a spreadsheet. 


Ive worked in a small environment with < 10 servers as well as a large environment with 100+ servers and I have always found that server names based on roles are just 10 times easier to remember than AssetTag/MacAdd/RandomTopic for server names. 


If you are still not convinced on our naming scheme then do a google. The top 5 hits all utilise the same naming convention I use including the MS MVP recommended http://labmice.techtarget.com/articles/computernaming.htm (yep, uses a [prefix][location][role] based naming convention.