In Australia I'd just hit up whirlpool, it's somewhat similar but they have an education subforum. I haven't found any good forums on the topic so far so here i am. In an IT forum looking for answers.

So a 1 year course is perfect. I just want to get the ball rolling and if i have a diploma then it'll provide proof that i'm atleast somewhat capable of doing the job. Also, i could learn it on my own but i currently live in Australia and i seriously don't have the time. My major hobby at the moment is music and i work fulltime on top of that so trying to go from 0 to hero in my current environment is just not going to work. Also, i'm 25 in december so I don't want to do anything more than a 2 year course. I actually want to do things with my life and haven't yet traveled or even moved out of home (part of the reason for moving back to NZ). So my age is one consideration as to why I don't want to do a computer science or software engineering course. I haven't heard the best things about those courses either  and i think once you get your foot in the door in the industry you are set. you can jump from employer to employer and continue to build a resume. Lastly. I'm really, really set on christchurch. I've found courses all throughout NZ but not so much for Christchurch. Vision college seems to be one of the only providers but in australia we have a major issue with dodgey campuses that hand out worthless degrees so I'd love to get some information on the course and the lecturers and more importantly a bloody review.


so just the footnotes;


25 at the end of the year and want a course 2 years tops


don't mind doing full stack if it's a 2 year course


Christchurch is preferred.


lastly, if there are any other good forums out there to get some information from please let me know