Paid for a renewal on Sunday, credit card charged just fine, their system failed, renew hasn't happened...



Wow, really? That's the same problem I had. I assumed this was a brief temporary glitch, so I'm actually pretty shocked the same problem is happening 10 days later..!


My case has now been mostly resolved - big thanks to @UmbrellarKR for giving things a nudge. Just waiting on the refund arriving (I tried twice before I realised my account had been debited and the problem was their end).


I do feel like I've been through 'outsourced ticket hell' though. And it is pretty poor form to provide a Live Support option where you let people queue but just ignore them (just remove the option if you're not going to respond).


To be fair it's the first time I've had ANY problem with Domain4Less, from years of using them. But it's also the only time I've ever needed to contact support...


p.s. just opened an account with Metaname - thanks for the pointer @KiwiSurfer.