I have Windows 7 pro.


I went to the shopify website and downloaded an article from their ecommerce site. I had to provide my email address and I obtained the document from my email


It came in a zip file.


I saved it to my pc and unzipped it.


I then had a popup in the notification area - EFS UI Application - Encrypting file system - Backup your file encryption key. I said no to the windows backup message.


I had a look at the Certmgr and under personal - certificates I see the username of my pc as the issued to and the issued by.


The expiry date is Oct 2118


I deleted the cert and restarted my pc. Everything was fine. None of my data is encrypted. Thought I might have got a ransomware.


But all seems fine.


Maybe it was just that the cert had triggered the windows notification for some reason


The files and folders in the zip file contain PDFs, word documents and also a couple of DS_store files.


If someone could advise thanks