Hammerer: At the time when semiconductor chips came out they were designed to replace the ICs (integrated circuits) which were mainly TTL (transistor-transitor logic) ie transistors laid out on boards.

Do you mean processor or microprocessor chips perhaps?Wink

A transistor, or even a diode, is a type of semiconductor.

I could have made it clearer but I was specific.

Integrated circuits (ICs) are almost always packaged as chips. The whole point of calling them 'integrated' was that they weren't assembled from many discrete devices, ie individual transistors.

I specifically said 'semiconductor chip' (or microchip) because they are not all processors/microprocessors. Obvious examples are semiconductor memory chips e.g RAM, EPROM.

I guess what prompted me to post is that I would consider something like the 7400 series of TTL ICs to be a semiconductor chip, although certainly not a microchip.  (All semantics though really, and drifting rather offtopic.)