Several different things getting mixed up here.

1: termination rates and regulation. These are the rates telcos charge other telcos. They're being regulated all around the world including NZ.

2: regulation of wholesale versus retail layer pricing. Regardless of my view that termination rated are not a wholesale rate as such, the ComCom is only looking at wholesale rates. It cannot set retail rates. Internationally this is also the case in most cases; regulators shy away from retail price fixing as well they should.

3: retail price for data roaming. Quite a separate issue as it's about a retail rate for a service that depends on using someone else's network to provide that service. All the CC can do in this area is regulate NZ companies (something it has looked at in the past eg 2D roaming on Vodafone) not the price that Telco Uzbekistan charges international roamers when they arrive.

There is a great deal of info on termination rates and the NZ situation over at the Join the Debate blog (