Zeon: A question with ducts - what kind of pipe do people actually recommend? I have a heap of the corrugated plastic stuff that you use for outdoor wiring - would this do? And how do you actually get the cable through the duct, do you put string in it when your installing so you just tie the cable to the string and pull it through?

Also, The ducting is pretty big, when I drill through my studs they are gonna be pretty massive holes concentrated around my patch panel, won't this weaken the wall. Or do I have say 3 ducts going from he patch panel to each area of the house and have subducts that go off that?

Sounds like your ducts are a bit big to use inside the walls but wouldn't you embed the ducting into the concrete slab? If you get pulling wire into the duct first it might be simpler than trying to find a suitable push rod. Also you normally want minimum bend radius for pulling cable through it, and separation from power cabling (eg other side of a stud) to meet the standards. Maybe innerduct is suitable for the walls?