Just for the comparison, over here in FI we don't have any FTTH plans but a few telco's have been installing fiber at slow pace in areas where it makes the most sense (density and/or new residential areas, perhaps 5% of the population by now).  Partially driven by a competition, not wanting to use other telco's copper and if one is offering fiber access, the other wants to do it as well.  This country is slightly bigger in size and population than NZ, so small market in general (double the GDP).

Price for 10/10 is 57.50 NZD/month (special offer: 12 months for 17.50/mo, next 12 months 35/mo).  100/10 is 75 NZD/month (special offer 63/mo).  The new gigabit (1000/100) access will be offered at 173 NZD/month.  No caps but common fair use T&C's apply, as always.

Just a reference point that isn't Sweden, Japan or South Korea with their fiber to the belly button infrastructures.