Beccara: Thats upto Telecom/Vodafone to factor in. Regardless of what tech is used if the winner reaches the targets set in the RBI then who cares?

We're not in possession of all the facts here, Hell Telecom/Vodafone could make an offer on Kordia/Woosh spectrum after they win and deploy LTE that way or they could live upto the RBI targets with current spectrum and overbuild 700mhz LTE when they get it down the line.

Either way no matter who wins as long as the RBI targets are clear and the open-access done right and set in so much stone god himself couldn't change it then it doesn't matter who wins it

What also amuses me is Vodafone are taking for granted that they will win 700MHZ spectrum in 2 to 3 years time. Has vodafone a crystal ball that predicts what happens in the future.

I can't answer for Vodafone NZ and what they will do when the 700mhz goes up for auction but I bet they will be right in there.

Nokia has also done a demo of 650mbps on 3G technology

Yes with Tmobile in the US. I posted this on Geekzone a month or so ago.