openmedia: Ok I took a look and a couple of points.

1. Data should be unbilled on 3G. The whole switching thing is hopeless

2. Tidy up the meta-data. I can see multiple copies of some albums with slightly different titles.

3. Why are some albums only available per-track???

4. Missing content. I had a look for some recent fairly big local stuff and I can't find it.

5. Video's - I don't just want music, especially for singles.

All awesome feedback, I'm looking at the roadmapping items for the app next week and will add some of the above for assessment.

Some responses to the above. 

1. Noted on the unmetering.
2. This is what has been ingested from the labels, yes some clean up is required, we are looking at improving the search algorithms as well.
3. This is what has been made available to us from the labels so far, not all tracks (or versions) are available for sale so we can't offer the album in its entirety so the tracks that are available are. The catalog is 1 million at the moment, and will grow quickly. (we had 3.5 mill in the DRM store)
4. As per above, this will grow over time, which artists are you after? I will pass this on to the labels.
5. Good idea, to stream, or to download?

Thanks again for you're feedback, it's appreciated.