Wade: Think of the poor people that are going to fork out plenty of hard earned cash on the shiny new Samsung S4 in a couple of months only to hear about Android 5.0's imminent release and then having to wait at least another 6 months for Samsung to release their version of 5.0, then waiting another 3+ months for their local Telco to release their localised variants, next thing you know the S5 is just around the corner :P, alternatively you can go the Nexus route and have the latest OS updated in a timely fashion but on last years hardware spec's... Its all just a big old vicious cycle, getting the ultimate software on the ultimate hardware is like chasing unicorns so how the low end can ever improve or catch up is beyond me!

It's just like the iPhone though, you're buying a phone pretty-much out of date compared to the other Androids around, I cringe when I see a customer fork out $1029 for a 16gb iPhone 5 when for less you could get a SIII which for most people, is more than fine.

You can't argue though that if you buy a premium iPhone they provide you with 3+yrs of premium and timely service (ie OS upgrades),  Samsung seem more intent on alienating their customers with a less than premium support on year old devices.

BTT even a new entry level iPhone or windowsphone provides a superior user experience and support to the low to mid level androids, it sucks as android has so much flexibility and potential to offer