I have a SONY TIPO android cellphone running ICS. When I view a contact in the address book, at the bottom of the contacts information there is a large, no scrolling button labled "INFO" Above that is a small grey dot. I can't work out what these do!

If I press the INFO button, there is an audio click sound, and the grey dot turns white, and fades after a couple of seconds. Nothing else seems to happen! If I tap above the dot, or elsewhere on the page, the dot changes to white and fades, but there is no click sound.

I'm stumped.

I searched google, and the Sony Tipo handbook without success. All I could find was a couple of other people wondering the same as I. The only suggestion was could it more information when a contact had lengthy notes, so I tried adding pages of notes information to a contact - no difference.

Can anyone reveal the secret of this button and grey dot?