Giggs: I had a play with the new genres offering over the weekend.  Some of selections seems a bit random.  I would not have called Adam Ant or Billy Idol 80's alternative for example :-)


And this is the advantage Spotify and Pandora have - time. It takes time for either an algorithm or people to sort the music correctly. I believe Panodra do actually rely on staff (and probably users) correctly categorizing the music.

Pandora does not.  It's an implementation (THE implementation) of the Music Genome project, which basically breaks songs down into myriads of attributes (i.e. "subtle use of vocal harmony") and then builds similarity chains from that to other tracks.  Genre stations on Pandora aren't so much collections of genres as a small sample of songs with a specific genre assigned, and the Algorithm's best guess at what other songs fall into that genre based on their attribute chaining from the sample tracks.