It was one of the models that covered all the bands (including cellphones, model was UBC3000XLT from memory). Occasionally I would key a wrong setting, and it would charge off on a tiki-tour of the 025 frequencies and pick up all the Telecom mobile calls nearby as well.

I had one of those. It was hilarious. A random guy used to ring his girlfriend in India every thursday night, and when he got off that call, he'd ring a sex line... 1995 in Aussie. Must have cost him a mint!
I also had a UHF cb at the time and save money on phone calls to mates as a local call cost $0.20 then.

I listened to towies, police, ambulance, fire and aircraft.

These days I have a Uniden 93xlt or whatever it is. Great with the flightradar24 pro app on my phone, and emergency services can still be heard on a scanner app. (in Aussie again)