The topic is "A law unto themselves? Is customer care a myth?"
So why expect any less than some of the replies here.

- there is no reason to deal with Samsung at all, it doesnt matter if its Parallel import or not. You take the device back to the retailer, its the retailers problem, the retailer has to organize repairs. This is NZ law.

- The local agent may be a completely separate company from the Head office,
eg  "Hamfist NZ" is not the same company as "Hamfist World Inc" . Hamfist NZ is only the NZ distributor, so why would you expect a local distributor to have to
service products they did not import. Also, if a product was never officially sold in NZ, there may be no spare parts or service support in NZ either.
The HP Service Agent fixed your SA laptop because there was money involved , ie they would get paid . The Service agent is not HP . Take any Samsung ph to a ph repairer (ie not Samsung) & they will be more than happy to fix it, at a cost.
I have worked for service agents. Non warranty repairs wouldnt ever be turned away.

- If Samsung want to stop online registration, surely thats their choice . Can you really expect them to keep this service running and up to date , when it isnt needed & 99% of NZ'ers wont use it ?

- if anyone wants an international warranty, buy a brand & model that offers this . Simple .
I wouldnt expect cheap devices to have international warranties. May have been more common with some brands 10 years ago, things have changed.