old3eyes: I redid the sums again and canceled the order.  Got a PayPal refund overnite..   Wife has decided not to get a phablet now as my old Samsung Tab 2 died last nite .  Was on charge during the day but was dead on power up..  Her Nexus 7  runs at snail pace since going to lollipop  so will look now at a new tablet.  Samsun gthese days make some nice ones but they are pricing them at the same prices as Apple products so they're out of the picture now.  Will do some research..

If you are considering Android tablet - have a look at Asus Zenpad. I have the previous version of this (Asus Memopad ME572) which I am quite fond of. They have been getting pretty decent reviews. I think they are some of the best Android tablets since the Nexus 7 2013. 

Just my 2c.

And for the Nexus 6 - that price did seem a bit too good to be true. You might want to see if she would be keen for the Moto X style instead - for about $400 usd, that might be a better phone than the Nexus 6.

Thanx I will