dafman: What is really great about hangouts is the chrome extension which allows me to use hangouts in real time directly through my PC browser. Don't care too much for the phone app, but would hate to give up the browser integration. It looks like this option is not available for messenger, if yes, please let me know!

Have you tried PushBullet? That has a great Chrome extension which gives deep integration with your phone. I am back to using Hello SMS (I like the Reply/Read shortcuts on the Hello notifications that are not there for the new Google Messenger) and that lets me see SMSs in my browser, as well as respond, or write new messages. Works a treat.

PushBullet also allows you to 'Copy' something on your PC into the clipboard, and it magically appears in the clipboard on your phone. Very cool!

I have strongly recommended Pushbullet here at GZ before. If you're on Android and not using it you're barmy I reckon.

Pushbullet looks great, but I do have reservations. I'll start another thread ...