Hi All,

So my S5 has had an issue for a few months where it will decide there is no SIM card. It happened again last night and in frustration I tried a factory reset to no avail. I also managed to download the TNZ 5.0 firmware and install that this morning to no avail, but alas after powering it off for a few hours it has magically started working again.

Last night was the first time I investigated enough to discover the IMEI was showing as null / null. I have never loaded a custom firmware on it or rooted it. I suspect the issue will re-occur again when it feels like it.

Naturally I plan to backup the EFS folder once I get home tonight, but I thought I'd ask if anyone knows why it would be doing this? From what I can tell there is nothing wrong physically, it just decides to forget it's IMEI and baseband settings.