I would have thought this is a no brainer:


Nexus 6P at 663 from Expert Infotech


OnePlus 3 at 695 from Expert Infotech




Or if you want something to play Pokemon Go:


Meizu M3 Note 32GB at 350 from PB Tech 



Thanks for the pointers.


The Meizu M3 Note looked very promising, but the first two reviews I read said that it's very hard to read the screen outdoors, so it might not be so good for Pokemon Go.



Oh okay - i havent looked at all the reviews for it. It seemed to fit the bill when i saw that it had a huge battery.






@Krishant007 its a no brainer if you know what your looking at





Agreed - normally if you know what you are looking for. But i thought in terms of the best phone options under $700, those 2 are pretty much the best options overall - but as you said, those 2 might not be good options for those looking for a 5inch or a smaller phone