I'm highly considering purchasing a OnePlus 3 and have found a few stores that have imported them. I have heard that the Chinese version has some slight differences to the international version so I have contacted 4 stores (PBTech, Supero, Expert Infotech and Mobile Station) regarding where they have imported their OnePlus phones from.


Supero, Expert Infotech and PBTech all say they stock the Chinese model (although PBTech flashes it to use the stock OxygenOS essentially making it the equivalent of the international version). However, Mobile Station says they stock the international version (They are also have the cheapest price out of the 4 stores).


My question is, has anyone here purchased a phone from Mobile Station? and if so what are they like to deal with?


I have never purchased anything from them and would like to get some opinions. If you have purchased a OnePlus from them can you confirm it is the international version?


Any input is appreciated. :)