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  # 1627015 10-Sep-2016 15:32
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Send private message my surprise and delight I'm 99% sure I found the rom for my tablet...exactly for my tablet.  Found some references with google that gave me enough information to download the rom with ftp...downloading now:


Name Size Date Modified
alexhan/ 7/29/16, 10:45:00 PM
FTP服务器文件夹目录结构说明.jpg 173 kB 9/17/14, 9:13:00 PM
I801/ 4/20/16, 4:47:00 PM
I960/ 11/11/15, 4:44:00 PM
K107/ 8/29/16, 6:18:00 PM
K801/ 12/30/15, 2:43:00 PM
K960/ 8/31/16, 9:50:00 AM <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< my tablet
S107/ 8/17/16, 10:59:00 AM
S960/ 6/27/16, 7:05:00 PM
Tools/ 8/12/16, 1:47:00 AM
中性/ 8/9/16, 6:32:00 PM


[parent directory] K960 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< files in the package
D10/ 7/12/16, 3:15:00 PM
D12/ 8/26/16, 6:11:00 PM
D13/ 11/12/15, 5:38:00 PM
D14/ 11/14/15, 11:54:00 AM
D15/ 8/20/16, 12:05:00 PM
D32/ 8/31/16, 9:50:00 AM
D50/ 7/6/16, 11:12:00 AM
D57/ 8/29/16, 4:08:00 PM
D6/ 8/27/16, 12:44:00 PM
vKB000A.rar 280 MB 11/13/15, 5:32:00 PM
vKB000C--GMS.rar 345 MB 11/14/15, 12:31:00 PM


Index of /K960/D10/
Name Size Date Modified
[parent directory]
vKB009K_20160516.rar 346 MB 5/17/16, 3:56:00 PM <<< inside the child directory
vKB009K_20160711.rar 286 MB 7/12/16, 3:14:00 PM


So it looks like I can unpack the files, but...


I think the next problem will be with the rom format.  Looking through the files on the server with ftp I see he has a Tools folder and it contains BeeTools.  So I'm afraid the format of the rom files is not compatible with MKT tools.  Most likely I don't know enough to convert the rom files to the MKT format so I guess I'll have to try and use BeeTools.


It seems I'm not stuck in one spot.  I'm going somewhere but I have no idea how long it's going to take to get to the destination which is an unbricked tablet.


Thanks for all your help and I'll probably need more.




I used to do this kind of work 30-40 years ago but all that knowledge is now outdated or forgotten.  At age 73 it's a little more painful than it used to be.



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  # 1627143 10-Sep-2016 18:53
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Great work thus far and appreciate the detailed updates which will assist others who may need to follow your steps.


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  # 1627207 10-Sep-2016 23:32
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I was pleasantly surprised that BeTools uses the same rom file structure as spflash tools.  The thing I was sadly not surprised about is the structure of the rom folder.  I went directly to the Jlinkzs site dowloaded a rom directly from them.  It came as a rar file which I unpacked with 7zip.  That opened into a folder with the following files:


09/10/2016 09:52 PM <DIR> .
09/10/2016 09:52 PM <DIR> ..
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 136,955 AKB009K0.db
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 7,075,840 JBKB009K0.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 20,291,972 JCKB009K0.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 6,398,160 JHKB009K0.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 1,369,469 JLKB009K0.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 7,837,696 JRKB009K0.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 27,812,432 JSKB009K0.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 328,472 JUKB009K0.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 135,168 JXKB009K0.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 607,362,284 JYKB009K0.img
07/12/2016 11:52 AM 10,143
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 9,727
07/12/2016 11:53 AM 10,143
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 9,727
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 5,524,637 OKB009K0.db
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 118,008 PKB009K0-M3.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 118,048 PKB009K0.img


Winzip and 7zip could not unpack these files.  I found unility called MTKbootimg.  When I installed that it creadted 2 folders.  One was named stock and the other was named port.  In the stock folder there were 3 files:








and the port folder had another copy of the same 3 files.


The instructions said put the stock boot.img in the stock folder and put the port boot.img in the port folder.


I was a bit confused about where to go from here but I wanted to know what the bootimg.exe did so I put the first img file above in the stock folder and ran the unpack.bat.  It unpacked the img file into the same folder and it looked like this:


09/10/2016 09:42 PM 7,075,840 boot-old.img
07/11/2016 06:32 PM 7,075,840 Boot.img
04/20/2014 04:35 PM 4,013,791 bootimg.exe
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 171 bootinfo.txt
09/10/2016 09:43 PM 95,483 Capture.JPG
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 1,710 cpiolist.txt
09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> initrd
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 6,405,968 kernel
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 666,700 ramdisk.gz
12/13/2014 11:19 PM 28 repack.bat
09/10/2016 10:59 PM 1,093 stock.txt
12/13/2014 11:18 PM 37 unpack.bat


I thought it would be interesting to see what was in the initrd folder:


09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> .
09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> ..
09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> data
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 532 default.prop
09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> dev
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 500
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 1,993 factory_init.project.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 19,875 factory_init.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 31,691 file_contexts
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 1,094 fstab.mt6580
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 239,976 init
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 649 init.aee.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 1,071 init.environ.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 3,951 init.modem.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 47,861 init.mt6580.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 27,815 init.mt6580.usb.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 1,009 init.no_ssd.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 434 init.nvdata.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 3,757 init.project.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 22,387 init.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 2,288 init.trace.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 3,885 init.usb.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 583 init.xlog.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 301 init.zygote32.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 1,346 meta_init.modem.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 1,772 meta_init.project.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 14,288 meta_init.rc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> proc
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 9,305 property_contexts
09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> sbin
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 471 seapp_contexts
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 52 selinux_version
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 256,966 sepolicy
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 11,419 service_contexts
09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> sys
09/10/2016 09:42 PM <DIR> system
09/10/2016 09:42 PM 8,534 ueventd.rc


There are 4 more sub folders in there but this post is getting a bit long and maybe not necessary expand any further.


And that was just one of the img files in the rom folder...there are 10 more plus 3 db files.  And it was one of the smaller img files.  JYKB009K0.img was much larger (607,362,284 ). I have no idea what to do at this point to create a proper and complete rom folder in the MTK format.


I also downloaded and ran BeTools and it is similar to SP Flash Tools and requires a full MKT rom file structure.  BeTools uses the same scatter file.  BeTools didn't ask for a Download Agent.  Maybe it knew what to look for somewhere in the rom folder.


I shouldn't be this hard.  It wouldn't be so bad if just one img file unpacked into a completed MKT rom folder.  It seems the jlinksz download files are broken into all the seperate sections that a coder would like to have to do development work...not for a novice flasher like me.




If someone has the interested and/or time please take a look at


My tablet is one of the many K960 versions...not sure exactly which one.  My working tablet said K960_vKB0003I_20160507.  In their K960 folder there are many roms with exactly the same naming format but none of them exactly match mine...some are close.


Getting tired.  I've put about 100 hours in this.  If I was working for $1 per hour I could have enough money to buy new tablet !  Might be easier work too.


I hope someone can give me a simple explanation of how simple this should be.




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  # 1627209 10-Sep-2016 23:50
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The last part is a date, if there are any like K960_vKB0003I_{any date} then personally I would begin to consider those.

Sorry no chance to look at the ftp on mobile. Perhaps some more knowledgeable replies will appear. Good luck, it looks like the perseverance is paying off! : ).

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  # 1627215 11-Sep-2016 01:34
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There are many roms on that server and in the K960 folder and most of them have the naming format of vKB0xxx_date.  But none of them are exactly my number.  There are some likie D12-64G-3.6-GMS.rar.  Which I assume is 64gb memory and 3.6Ghz...which is what mine is.


I found another posting of someone with a similar problem who found the Jlinksz site and his comment was interesting:


"There does not exist the MTK_ROM_INFO structure in the ROM"


Tell me about it !

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  # 1627251 11-Sep-2016 08:24
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As you are in the fortunate position of already possessing an identical working model your simplest option it to recover a backup of that entire device (boot img, rom etc & scatter file - which identifies the memory location for each file) then flash it to the other device.

Not too much can go wrong reading from the working device if you follow some of the many instructions available online.

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