I just read this on GSM Arena and came to share it in the Note 7 forum 


But yeah, it is a cause for concern. So far there has been 2 reported cases, 1 in china last week and now this one


Fingers crossed but if Samsung does recall this product completely, then I am just going for the S7 edge



There was also a case in Korea last week, the guy reported the issue, Samsung dismissed it, then the guy got the major TV stations to do interviews with him. Samsung then launched an investigation with external investigator that said it was "damage from external source". The Korean forums are speculating that Samsung bribed the external investigator company.



This would not surprise me 1 bit.  I use to have a contact in samsung NZ who would tell me things that would happen when they had the washing machines catching fire issues.  Was told of one in New Plymouth where samsung ended up hiring a helicopter to fly someone down to talk to the person who reported their machine did catch on fire and was talking about going to the media.  This person ended up getting a number of "free" samsung products if they did not go to the media.