Geektastic: Sony XZ is listed on Spark this morning but not VF :-(


Sony flagships have been exclusive to Spark since the Z3 - which, as a VF customer, is why I never upgraded from my favourite Z2 to a Z3 or Z5 (which I would have, if I could have with VF).


Apparently, Sony NZ aren't too interested in selling phones.



That's mad. 


Not that I have a massive brand preference other than the fact that Spark's roaming is woeful compared to VF's and I travel often. In fact as a Farmlands shareholder I can get discounted Spark plans. But the roaming...



I have no idea what commercial incentive Spark have offered Sony NZ, but basically Sony NZ have effectively cut in half (if not more) their potential sales volumes by not extending to VF. 



Spark do not seem very competitive on the face of it - I am quite surprised they have customers at all unless they never leave NZ..!


It's odd because VF do offer 3 Sony phones, the X, XA and Z Compact.