Recently purchased an LG G4 to replace my wife’s ailing Galaxy S3. The G4 seems to work fine - with one glaring exception; long messages.




I appreciate that by design, the SMS service splits longer messages up for the purposes of transmissions - but with the receiving phone appending those chunks back together and displaying the message as a single item. The problem I’m encountering with this G4 unit is that when I send long messages the recipient phones are unable to put the chunks back together and display the message across multiple received texts.




The issue does not appear to be recipient device dependent as I am seeing it on my G3 phone and others using various Android and iPhone devices are saying they are seeing the same thing occurring.




Another (and I’m thinking possibly related) issue, is that on occasion, when a long SMS is sent from the G4, it arrives at the destination phone claiming to be from the phone number 1 (). Again this happens when sent to my G3 as well as other recipients on various Android devices and iPhones.




I have tried to research this in various forums and I haven’t found mention of this being a limitation of the G4 model specifically. Most often the discussions revolve around either the network operator being blamed - or the ‘fix’  is to try an alternative app (SMS Chomp, Textra and so on).




I did note a couple of older Geekzone articles referring to this issue, but due to their ‘age’ was wondering if network/phone technologies had moved on and this wasn’t a prevalent issue anymore.




Both of our phones are on Vodafone - and long texts from my phone to hers are received as expected - so doesn’t appear to be a network issue.




I have tried a number of different texting apps but none have made a difference to the issue.


Some apps convert longer messages to MMS (although some can be tweaked here), but that’s not a solution that I want.




I’m wondering if anyone knows of any alternative means of approaching this issue. I’m open to rooting the phone if that is what it takes to sort this out.


Many thanks in advance.