4G (or NikT), your reply is the most intelligent, well-composed and useful response I've had in almost 30 years on the Internet.


Thank you :-)


You've covered many of the basic Android issues (or at least provided the keys to go further) that are plaguing me at the moment.


I've been a PC builder and serviceman for over twenty years, and I've made a particular study of 'taming' Windows - i.e., getting rid of gratuitous software and bloatware, then tuning systems to run quickly and efficiently, so that they do what the owners want, rather than being forced to jump through the hoops of the manufacturers and their marketing people.


So when my wife bought me the T800 for watching movies while gym-ing, I immediately tried to do the same sort of customization on the tablet.


But that got nowhere fast, with manuals providing only very basic information.


However, I'll follow your links and try to get my Tabs thrashed into shape.


Much, much thanks wink