These were mentioned in the Note 8 thread.


I investigated and they seemed like a good idea. The application system is thorough and well designed. However...from my personal experience I am posting this warning.


Be EXTREMELY sure that the surface you are using to rest the phone on whilst going through the application process is level. I repeat - be EXTREMELY careful about this.


The adhesive they use has the consistency of water. It will run in any direction where there is the slightest hint of a slope. I used a bubble level and a bubble level app and was satisfied the table was for all intents and purposes level and yet the liquid still ran to one side of the phone.


If it runs off the edge of the phone, it will catch in the tray that is used as part of the application system and...stick the tray and your phone together! This did not happen to me, but the potential certainly exists. Fortunately the adhesive is easily cleaned off.


Once done it looks excellent and is (apparently) easily and cleanly removed if need be.