kiwitrc: Hi guys, just had a read through this thread. I have a Desire from Clove UK and it updated to 2.2 perfectly and runs fine on 2.2, so all this bullshirt about it not working on 2.2 is just that.

I also have an HTC Desire that updated and runs Froyo perfectly.

I bought mine through Mobicity where it was advertised as unlocked and unbranded. It is NOT unbranded and someone, somewhere had played with the settings. I took a note of the ROM and Radio from my phone & hunted through xda-developers forums and everywhere else I could find on the Net to isolate where my phone came from. I suggest eking customers do the same.

For me, resetting the phone back to factory settings solved the problems I initially had. My phone was branded to a Hong Kong telco and when they pushed their Froyo update my phone automatically updated without any issues.

I couldn't be any happier (well, I could, if the phone was unbranded) as it is updated & works even better now than it did on 2.1.

If HTC say the handset is German and if the ROM is Asian I'd be interested to know if eking are flashing the phones before selling them. After reading this thread I wouldn't buy from them.