Over time you'll become aware of all the stuff you can't do on an iPhone that you could do on any Android phone.  

Swap in a fresh battery for starters. Copy a file to / from your PC over wifi without having to use iTunes as a follow-up example....or run a wifi-detecting app like Wifi Analyzer....and go from there.

The thief didn't just steal your phone...He's - in effect - stolen your data freedom, too. :-)

I gave my HTC Desire away while waiting for my new Desire HD to arrive. Did it too soon and have ended up using a borrowed iPhone 3G. OMH - its HORRIBLE! I'm doing a heap of head-banging after just 3 days of use.

Things I hate:

Having to install iTunes & create an account. I detest having to give my personal information to Apple just to be able to use a damned phone.

Not able to just access my Google calendar.

No favourites and organising for contacts.

Screen is not as sensitive as my Desire (I have to push harder, which annoys me).

Stupid thing kept connecting to 3G data even when WiFi was being used (got that sorted now, but it was a gotcha that cost me).

At the time I purchased the Desire I was undecided about whether to go iPhone or Android. Cost was the deciding factor but after using Android for a couple of months I would never willingly change from that now. I'm really, really sorry for the OP - I suspect you will miss your Droid a whole lot.