So there I was last week cruising around Auckland telling everyone how brilliant the google maps app were when it rebooted as I was driving along. As I hadnt bothered to look at a map (why would I?) I pulled over let it reboot and went into the maps and started off again.

Sixty seconds later it rebooted again. I noticed the battery was rather hot but it was sitting well below the dash 'line' and out of the sunlight. It finally rebooted (took much longer this time) and sixty seconds later it did it again !

So I switched it off and left it off. All was fine the next couple of days so I just thought it was just a one off. But its just done it again when listening to a podcast at my desk. Its stone cold in here and the battery isnt warm at all but its rebooted twice on me now.

Ive done a quick search on the web and there are people having problems with the maps app when they are struggling with a weak GPS signal, listening to music and charging via the ciggie lighter.

Im doing neither of those now and was only using the maps the other day. No music or charging.

Has anyone experienced anything like this ?

If I have to send it back to VF, are there any recommendations on how to backup my apps/music/photos before I do that ?