heavenlywild: The 5.2" screen won't be that bad. The body isn't increased as much as people think from say a 4.2". The bezel is cut to virtually nothing.

Size matters and generally bigger the better.  Wink

However with a phone it's not just the fact you might be holding a mini tablet by your ear to make a phone call it's where do you put it when you're carrying it around?  How well does it slip in to the shirt pocket or trouser pocket? By the very nature of what a mobile phone is used for it needs to be able to be easily carried on your person. I'm not sure some of the large phones are that suitable for carrying around. I suspect that's why the iPhone has kept it's current size.  It has a usable sized screen yet still very pocketable/portable.

This is going to sound stupidly picky but for me part of it is where I would store it and how long it would take to get out.

I often carry a bag of some sort but as a guy I would hate to have to dig around in it to find my phone when someone is calling me. I would want a bluetooth ear thing or similar. Text isn't usually that urgent so getting the thing out to text isn't so bad. 

I guess everybody has a size/ portability sweet spot.