One can always buy a parallel imported SGS2 for approx $760.00

I bought a parallel imported SE X10i and it's browser is labelled..."browser".
It's been working fine on the Vodafone network and as it's non-branded, I can get Android updates when they come out and not be held to ransom by the Telco and their branded OS.

It is refreshing not having all that telco krud on it.

And with Android one can always download the telco widgets if they're any good.

Vodafones account checking Android widget is quite good and worth the download.

I find the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers very good.

Opera Mini gives you server filtered and optimised screen downloads which reduces the data overheads of having to download complete web pages and there HTML code. This is idea for 3G Internet access $$$$$.
Opera Mini also has a very good RSS reader.

Opera Mobile works well as a full feature Android browser which includes Adobe Flash and etc.
Also has Opera Link which means one can synchronise Desktop and Mobile bookmarks.

Used the Dolphin browser and it works will with many add-ons to choose from.