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Geekzone Blogs
Geekzone Blogs are free if you register with Geekzone and use our forums. Many options are available, including custom CSS templates, trackback, comments, comment moderation, monetising your Geekzone Blog and more
The Geekzone Blog is a free tool available to all registered Geekzone users who have participated in our on-line community by posting at least 25 times in our forums and have submitted a request.

Once the request is approved a new option will be presented in the User Profile area, where users can read the Terms and Conditions for this service and enable their own Geekzone Blog.

The user's Geekzone Blog will be located at[username] and comes with a series of features:

  • Custom CSS (with test area);
  • RSS feeds (full, partial, Feedburner enabled);
  • promotion in a central RSS feed for all blogs;
  • easy administration;
  • categories;
  • lists (Amazon, URL, free HTML, latest posts from other blogs);
  • monetising options through Amazon Associates and Google AdSense (dependent on acceptance of Terms and Conditions and acceptance by each program);
  • comments, comment moderation;
  • Metaweblog API support (you can blog from Windows Live Writer and other offline tools);
  • and more...

    Just as a general guideline, the space is yours to use, but we expect users to be good on-line citizens, and follow some common sense rules.

    To join Geekzone simply register or login if you already have your username.