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Cool UK Mobile Chip

, posted: 22-May-2013 21:09

Predated asked what chip I use in the uk

it comes from


I thought it was unlimited everything but of course I only use TXT and Data and it is unlimited for them
but for 20 quid you get 1200 mins should be enough as long as you don't have teenagers!!

I use it around London and Sheffield works fine hope that helps

£20 goodybag - 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile Internet for a month
  • 1200 min
  • Ultd texts
  • Ultd web
  • Free to gg

Last time I was there I had a IPHONE and needed the little sim so I had to cut the sim down that they sent 
They may by now be sending micros and full size I haven't been there for over a year so you might want to check

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