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Not such a walk in the park with Kindle HD Fire

, posted: 29-May-2013 00:10


So I got me a Kindle fire to play with the 7 “ one I’m not one much for reviews but

Weight?  Ok

Screen ? I think the kids say Awesome!

OS ? Layout not that intuitive but you get use to it

Overall for less than $300 yep its pretty good

Then i went to download an App twitter to start with ……………….

an hour later conversation with amazon.co.uk (very helpful)

here is the trick

(till the release of the NZ models when there will be an update on software and you SHOULD! be able to download from the unit)

You have to go on a computer and download to your amazon cloud the apps you want then sync them with device

that was after we tried multiple reboots country changes address changes etc etc

anyway I might sell this and order the slightly bigger 8.9 well see….

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