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, posted: 30-May-2013 18:15

Having been on the planet for awhile now I’m really surprised that I haven't come across Fiio before now. I’m sure there are other things that i have missed out on…… but for the life of me I couldn't tell you what they are.

FiiO_E07KBack to Fiio I got a E07 Andes unit from the great guys at Computer Lounge. I also had lost my old headphones so also got a pair of Grado’s (first time for them as well) RS125i. Combine them together and you get………………. nothing

“Unrecognised USB device Blah Blah”Grado_SR125i_Prestige

Try my windows 8 machine and for want of a better expression “Holy Snapping Duck S###” Talk about amazing the volume is crazy and as for a clean bright timber sound …where have you been all my life. This is what you need to get the most from your Iphone or Andphone or what ever you use.


Fiio 07

Grando’s Rs125i


I gain no benefit form Fiio or Computer Lounge or Grado

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