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, posted: 9-Jun-2013 11:41

World English Dictionary

vlog ('vl?g) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]


a video journal uploaded to the internet


One of the things I like about living in this time is the amount of vocabulary we are adding to the English language. I would estimate that 5-7 years ago if I had said I am “vlogging” you would of thought that I was into some weird sort of bondage. Now we are all familiar with the term. The vlogging community however has really been restricted to YouTube and Daily motion type of sites.

Slowly but surly it is seeping in to main street culture. The way you can tell that's happening is the  references in the main stream media , the top “vloggers” being signed to talent agencies and YouTube Space building facilities that would make some TV production companies envious.

Its true that at present the target market would have to be the 14 to 35 year olds but of course that's one of the prime demographics to advertising agencies. That of course is where most of the top 1000 '”youtubers” get their income from advertising and if you weren't taking it seriously before check out the income of the top 100 vidstax . (On average 2million subscribers equates to a income of $25000 a month USD!)

I am not sure where it will all end up at the moment. Its like amateur dramatics with the Hollywood income. The difference for these performers is that the income is pretty regular and all a they have to do is put up a video of about 3-10 minutes a week featuring them and there life.

If you want to see what all the talks about click on the YouTube channel links on vidstax beside the channel.

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