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Where to now?

, posted: 25-Jun-2013 15:20

Over the last few months I have had the time to play around with different bits of computer gear mobile phones, tablets etc. It is now time to cut down the clutter and get some direction (and sanity) back to my “tools”.


My workstation at home is pretty much where it needs to be. It could most likely do with a complete reinstall to windows 7 (not ready for 8 on a workstation yet) but other than that Its good.


I haven't owned a laptop for some months now I do have a HP envy x2 But that's not a laptop. I am starting to think it may be time to own one again that's a later decision


I use to have a IPad which was very good but I sold it to try and go all windows 8

I've been trying the HP envy x2 and Its not bad but I am not convinced its what i need as Now I have a kindle Fire HD I find myself taking that to bed to read etc .That may go especially if i get a laptop again

Kindle Fire HD

I bought the 7’ which I am trying to sell so I can buy the 8.9 as now I am very happy with the kindle and it looks like a tool I am likely to keep.


I did have a IPhone 4s which was a great phone  but opted out to a Samsung Note which I really liked , to Nokia 920. The 920 is a phenomenal phone….. if only it was a IPhone 5, what of course I mean is if only it had the infrastructure and following of IPhone. The camera in the Nokia is one of its best features but I still find myself thinking about the iPhone.

I also have a Telecom Y300 Huawei . Nice little phone that i use on my desk for playing with android apps and also sending txt’s


I have two directions of going forward

A. Buy apple laptop and a IPhone get rid of the Nokia the hp envy 2

B. Buy a windows 8 laptop and a  Galaxy 4 get rid of the HP envy the Nokia and the Y300

C. ???

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