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HP Slate 7

, posted: 29-Jun-2013 15:34

I just picked up a HP 7 Slate for $215 from Harvey Norman. Avg price around $229.

Go get yourself one of these before HP realise they got there price point wrong! I would say this is a $299 mini Tablet easy. The build quality is really good they are fairly fast and easily runs android 4.1.1

Competes with Nexus (screen not quite as good) but I’m using as a ereader and I am quite happy

Ok after having the weekend to play with th e HP slate I may have ben a bit hasty in the applaud i gave for the device.
After a while and swapping between devices you do notice a certain lack of quality in the screen. Mind you if you if you don't compare you would never know. Also it may be the way i have it setup but the battery seems to not last as long as my fire use to . I was reading up about the Nexus 7 so I may give that a go see how it fares
It is still a crazy cheap price for what you get!!!

So anyone want a 3 day old slate for say $195 free delivery?

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