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Comms Plans

, posted: 6-Sep-2013 14:20

A friend who is a layperson, regarding anything tech wise, asked me what sort of “plan” she should get for her phone and Internet needs.
I started asking her what I feel   are pertinent questions relating to usage, time online, download amount, how many txt calls, phone calls, etc etc.
Side track…
Many moons ago I owned a couple of Mobile phone shops and we had flow charts to help us ,help the customer decide what they needed. The shops were not very successful as we only use to give the customers what they needed and not stitch them up with unwanted power or capacity. As then is now the plans provided by the “suppliers” Vodafone and Telecom are created to be extremely difficult to understand. So the agent can direct them to the plan they want them to buy. I have no problem with this its business no better or worse than why the premium items in Countdown are at eye level when the bargain items are on the top or bottom shelf, why the milk in a supermarket is always at the back so you have to walk through the whole store .Its Business. As a consumer now I like to take up the fight for consumers. Wave the banner for fairness.
Anyway back to my friend
I gave up, after about 3omins of trying to work out which plan was a good thing etc. I knew why Rocket Scientists saved on their Comms, they were the only ones who could figure out the best deal.
I chickened out in the advice. I said buy an IPhone get a pre-paid plan, if you can get naked broadband and do away with your home line.
I know I know! What if? What about? What happens when?
Maybe one day someone with extensive DB experience will create an online analysis chart for the few providers we have a bit like pricespy.co.nz where you can drill down to your needs.
Nice to dream……..

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