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Praise for the Behemoth that is Amazon

, posted: 31-Dec-2013 11:54

I reckon credit where credit is due.
I have been using a kindle now for about 3 months and I have to say how impresed I am with the ease of use and the ease of book access.

On my PC computer I have a copy of Calibre running.
on my Nexus 5 I have Kindle app

On the amazon kindle store when I purchase a book they offer the option of where to send same book.
All my devices are listed so I can send to my desktop my mac my phone wherever!
Click my Kindle and connected by usb or not it arrives on my kindle
If I have downloaded a book from where ever Calibre accepts it and then a right mouse click and as long as my kindle is attached by usb it sends it straight to it. If it happens to be the wrong format Calibre will convert to the kindle acceptable format.

I have subscribed to a service called bookbub.com that has the abilty to ferret out amazon free books and there are thousands of them. They then send you a email every day of the free books they have found that day.

The battery life on my kindle fire hd seems to be at least a day

All I am saying is that I really like a clean, easy, straightforward, no nonsense system.

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