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Your Digital Afterlife Poll Results

, posted: 9-Jan-2014 13:48

Once again I start with the comment that I accept that the sample is small compared to the viewers of the article. Only 57 people out of 680 that viwed the article responded..... It just surprises me that's all. Anyway moving on.

Only 9% of respondents said they had a Digital Executor or partner who was going to sort everything out once they had departed this mortal coil.

I say again only 9% that's from respondents who are typically tech savvy and I imagine at the higher end of the gene pool.

36% either didn't care or thought the idea of organizing ones digital afterlife was a waste of time! I find that amazing at the lack of responsibility!

I have spoken to those that had to "sort it all out" and were tearing there hair out trying to make sense of it all.

On a positive note 56% said they had nothing organized but needed to.


What I take from that is that there is a opurtunity for a business to take advantage of the digital afterlife solution....Go For It!!

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